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    List Upload & Data Append

    Chiara Riga

      Hi All,


      I was wondering how you all handle your event list uploads. We receive probably 20 or more event lists per week, and while we use a third party to get the data into the system, we require both firmographic and person data to be appended before uploading the list. To get this data appended, we're sending it to an offshore agency who researches it all manually as the third party data append vendors we've spoken to haven't been able to promise us accuracy of person data (though they're great with firmographics). The process of getting these leads manually researched is slowing down the time it takes to get the leads in the system, therefore slowing down follow-up.


      I'd love to hear how you all manage your list upload process for lists where you receive leads that are missing required fields.




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          Tara Petre

          What type of person level data are you looking to append? There are a lot of data appending tools out there, but few that include personal data. Is it possible to collect this data at the event? That may only be possible if you're hosting the events, but something to think about

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              Chiara Riga

              That's the problem we've run into actually. For the events that we host, we always collect all required information, however partner and industry events can be a bit of a mixed bag in terms of fields that we receive. Usually we need some combination of title, email address, phone number and physical location researched.

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                  Sanford Whiteman

                  Not sure how you'd expect to solve this conflict which is, to be fair, of your own creation.


                  If you continue to require that fields A and B exist from the moment a lead is inserted into the system, then... you have to wait for those fields to be populated before uploading!


                  If you change those requirements so that fields A and may be empty, but the lead marked as in a Pending state until they're filled in, then you can upload the list and re-export leads with their newly created Lead IDs. Then give that list to the agency. They can republish the list to a website as they enrich it with more data, and you can pull the additional data onto the existing leads using a webhook fired from Marketo. You could even publish the leads to a Google sheet, then pull directly from that same Google sheet in the webhook.


                  Needless to say, this is not something that's going to magically come together without a little development and testing effort, but it's not too complex.