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Marketo - Adwords : how Marketo conversions are calculated in Adwords ?

Question asked by Mathias Saint-Jean on Jun 28, 2018

Hello everyone,


I have a very simple question regarding the Marketo-Adwords integration.


So far, everything works very well for us. We used the custom columns to display our Lead Lifecycle conversions stages directly in Adwords.


However, I am wondering how these conversions are calculated.


For example, we have in Adwords :


- AQL (Automation Qualified Leads) = 223

- TQL (Telemarketing Qualified Leads) = 123

- SAL (Sales Accepted Leads) = 93


Is the real number of AQL in fact 223+123+93, and the number of TQL in fact 123+93 ?


In other words, does Marketo updates the same lead in Adwords to generate a "minus one" in AQL and "plus one" in TQL once the lead advanced in the lifecycle ?


Thanks a lot for your answers.