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    Thank you pages on forms

    Calon Alpar

      Hi all,


      I just wanted to get some thoughts around "Thank you" pages after form fills before someone can get their content. On our website traditionally someone comes to our content page, fills the form, and then goes to a thank you pages where they then can click the button to link to the pdf. My content team is trying to get the content to people quicker and are wondering if can remove the thank you page. They just fill the form and then it links to the pdf. Wondering from any Marketo reporting or triggers standpoint if their are losses to this way? Or if any of you have any other flows for this, I'd love to hear.

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          Sanford Whiteman

          You'll see both non-Thank You and Thank You-driven workflows in the wild, and I don't think there's a complete argument for or against either one.


          To me, maintaining separate Thank You pages or even a single, global TY is best avoided. It simplifies maintenance.


          Main advantages of a TY page are:


          • context-sensitive retargeting based on the downloaded asset -- obvs. can be done on the same page as well, but looks more "coincidental" on the TY page
          • non-developers find it easier to deploy certain ROI pixels as static <img>s on TY pages (they can be loaded without TYs as well, but it takes JS)
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            Jackie Potts

            We like to have a thank you message show up on our website from the form fill and then have them be on the page of content we want them to see. Thank you message is more of a pop up box saying thanks, etc.

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