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    Is the Marketing Suspended Field Timed?

    David Parfitt

      I've been reading a lot of posts about the purpose of the Marketing Suspended field, but still have a specific question. If a person becomes Marketing Suspended, is there a time constraint by default? Will Marketo automatically un-suspend them after a certain amount of time? Or, do we have to manually un-suspend them? I've heard different things in the past, e.g. its automated and Marketo will take them out at 30 days, 90 days, etc., but don't have a concrete answer.  Thank you!



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          Josh Hill



          Marketing Suspended is a field you can control when and how you like. One way is to use


          • Marketing Suspended=T
          • Wait 30 days
          • Marketing Suspended=F


          but at no time does the System change this unless you tell it to.


          Email Suspended is a system field and it is only 24 hours even if it still says TRUE..

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            Christina Zuniga

            Josh's answer is right. What you've probably heard about 30, 60, or 90 days is that many people have an option to set suspended in their subscription centers and it will last for a temporary amount of time, but that is not out of the box functionality in Marketo for this field.


            Here's part of my subscription center and I've set it up to have a temporary suspended check box and then I have a smart campaign with a wait step so that after 60 days, that box un-checks itself.