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    Do PDFs hosted on Marketo gather customer data?

    Megan Rublee

      I am doing some research on where to incorporate my company's privacy policy and I was curious if eBooks, checklist or any other sort of downloadable content hosted on Marketo gathers customer data.


      I assume that landing pages and emails do, but was not positive on anything else.


      Any insight on the topic would be much appreciated!



        • Re: Do PDFs hosted on Marketo gather customer data?
          Sanford Whiteman

          If Munchkin is tracking links on that content (which it will by default) then the activity is logged to Marketo.


          If it's a previously associated web session, then by definition that means explicitly provided customer data is associated with the activity.


          If it's an anonymous session, then only inferred customer data (IP address, and IP-to-netblock-owner resolution when possible) would be associated with the download. Marketo has also recently introduced the ability to anonymize IP addresses to reduce the data stored for an anonymous session.

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