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Form not pre-filling reliably

Question asked by Kai Crow on Jun 21, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2018 by Sanford Whiteman

We've just setup a process using two forms to collect data in two parts:

1) collect email address on initial submission via an embedded mkto form on our home page

2) collect a few further details on a mkto landing page with a form (user is directed to the lading page via the success action of the embedded form)


*Most of the time, this works well - they arrive at the form on the landing page with email pre-filled and the other fields needing completion. However, every so often, the email field is not pre-filled. In those cases, if you immediately refresh the page, it is then pre-filled. Seems to me like sometimes the page is loading too quickly and the pre-fill is failing, or something like that? But then I've never seen this happen on another landing page, so wondering if this is something to do with passing between the embedded form and the mkto landing page.


Anyone else noticed a similar issue? Any ideas on a work around?

At the moment I'm thinking the best option is to use a javascript to reload the page once to ensure the pre-fill is completed


Try it yourself if you want:

NPS Software - Real time Customer Feedback | AskNicely

(form is the get a demo one on the first screen)