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    Source tracking with Splash

    Sarah Bacon



      Is anyone here using Splash for event management and registration pages? We just started using Splash and love the simplicity and gorgeous design but are finding the tracking features to be lacking. We are using a hub page with several sub event pages to promote an event series. Ultimately I want to be able to use UTM parameters that track series-wide as well as implement tracking via Google Tag Manager snippet. Has anyone figured this out?


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          Denise Greenberg

          Hi Sarah - I have a client who uses Splash for field events. In our setup, Lead Source & Source Detail are driving by program status changes so that when a lead is added to a Field Event program and the program status is changed to Field Event->RSVP = Yes, Checked In, etc.,  a Lead Source Attribution campaign is triggered that sets Lead Source to "Field Event" and Lead Source Detail to the name of the Field Event Program. You have have a different lead source schema and methodology. If so, you can tell when a Splash Lead comes in with 2 fields: Splash Event Status (RSVP Status, Checked In, etc.) and Splash Event Domain (in our setup - this is a version of the Marketo program name with no spaced. So you could use those fields in a different way than we do. I didn't set up the Splash integration - only the source tracking - so I don't know what's available in therms of UTM parameters.



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              Sarah Bacon

              Hi Denise,


              I can see that they are coming from Splash, but I want to know how they got to Splash to begin with


              IE I need to be able to distinguish whether they landed on our Splash page from organic search, from one of my promotions to our database, or -- most importantly -- from one of the tracked links that I would like each individual sales person and SDR to use. I am creating a sales incentive program and need to be able to track registrations from those individuals.


              Within Splash, it's possible to create a hard-coded tracked link like http://myevent.splashthat.com/sarah ... but I would need to create these by hand for 25 people x 14 events = 350 hand-created links. And that doesn't solve the cross-site issue. I could create that hand-coded link but then if someone clicks through from the series hub page to an individual event page, that tracking will be lost.


              Ideally I would be able to use utm parameters in the way that we all probably use utm parameters on our own websites. And those utm parameters would stick across the event site.


              I realize that I am looking for support on a not-Marketo product but am hoping that my Marketo-using peers have experience doing this! I'm also probably looking for magic, but this is magic we could all benefit from