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    Marketing Operations - MBOs/Goals

    Liz Medlicott

      I just started a new role in Revenue Ops at Rainforest QA, primarily focused on Marketing Ops and Marketo for now, and I'm currently working on creating a set of MBOs for myself for the month, quarter, etc. Typically in the past, my goals have been project-based i.e. fixing lead sources, putting in place a dup catcher, lead routing, set up lead scoring, etc. My current company focuses heavily on metrics and while most roles such as sales, digital, demand gen, etc. are easily tied to specific quantitative metrics - my role is a little more tricky to do so since what I do is hard to directly forecast how it will impact KPIs such as MQLs (although it definitely does impact MQLs) so I am struggling with setting specific quantitative goals. I would love to see how other Marketing Ops managers have set these goals in the past and would love any feedback!

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          Mitch Janning

          Whenever I feel that I dont have a measurable project to work on, I turn to a data quality project.  Normalizing data, enriching data, cleaning and segmenting data are all good measurable projects that will have downstream effects on prospecting and breaking into sticky accounts. 


          Say you want to take your mailing address coverage on your top accounts and contacts from 40% to 60%.  Or you can standardize phone numbers to work better for your sales team's auto-dialer.


          Stuff like that.  It makes a big difference.  Hope that helps.

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            Gina Caulkins

            Even though the company is very metrics-centric, do you need to have quantitative metrics if your projects can't be measured in that way? Usually our quarterly/bi-annual marketing ops plans have more project based goals like you mentioned. We set deadlines or frequency goals for those projects to keep us accountable. If a project can be quantified, we include a metric, but it doesn't make sense to force it if the connection isn't logical (and if it can't actually be tracked). My team is responsible for reporting for our greater team and we've been fortunate to have buy-in with this approach.