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Marketing Operations - MBOs/Goals

Question asked by Liz Medlicott on Jun 21, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2018 by Gina Caulkins

I just started a new role in Revenue Ops at Rainforest QA, primarily focused on Marketing Ops and Marketo for now, and I'm currently working on creating a set of MBOs for myself for the month, quarter, etc. Typically in the past, my goals have been project-based i.e. fixing lead sources, putting in place a dup catcher, lead routing, set up lead scoring, etc. My current company focuses heavily on metrics and while most roles such as sales, digital, demand gen, etc. are easily tied to specific quantitative metrics - my role is a little more tricky to do so since what I do is hard to directly forecast how it will impact KPIs such as MQLs (although it definitely does impact MQLs) so I am struggling with setting specific quantitative goals. I would love to see how other Marketing Ops managers have set these goals in the past and would love any feedback!