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Free Form Landing Page - Rich Text Window Alignment

Question asked by 4a2fe46f5689440384c7248810728dbe86aa3649 on Jun 21, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2018 by Sahil Kumar Chhabra

Hi everyone,


I am working on a landing page using a somewhat blank template (just the company header and footer). The issue I am running into is with the alignment and positioning of the drag and drop elements (rich text, picture, etc.) when the user resizes their browser window.

The header and footer, coded into the template using display:inline-block, move dynamically with the browser window, but all of the inserted elements that were added on the landing page are locked (not moving when the window is resized thus disappearing).

Is there a way where I can have the rich text, pictures, etc. act in an inline-block way, where if the user shrinks the width of the window, the elements will move? Changing the HTML within the rich text allows me to change the format of the text itself, but it is not influencing the rich text box as a whole.


Any help would be much appreciated!