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Drip Campaign - When Trial Date is Expired

Question asked by Mary Hendrick on Jun 21, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2018 by Mary Hendrick

Hello!  I'm trying to create a drip campaign for contacts that have entered a trial, but their trial has ended. I want to use a variable cadence for the emails (see below).  The contacts enter our system by signing up for a trial.  This populates a "Trial end date" which is either 7 or 14 days later.  I want contacts to pull into this campaign if their trial has expired, but because there isn't a trigger event at that end date, I'm not sure how to set up a smart list.


I have been able to set up a "smart list" that pulls in contacts that have an expired date within 1 day.  But, the smart campaign does not see "Added to Smart List" as a triggered campaign.


What is the best way to see up a triggered campaign or nurture campaign? 


Email Cadence

Email 1

*Wait 1 day

Email 2

*Wait 3 days

Email 3

*Wait 3 days

Email 4

*Wait 4 days

Email 5