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    Is the Advanced Report Builder add-on a requirement to pull data using the API

    Dan Stevens

      We're in contract renewal negotiations at the moment.  I'm trying to eliminate those add-ons that just aren't delivering value for us.  For example, "social boost" - which is an add-on that hasn't been updated (and barely supported) in years.  We were told that we needed to include this add-on if we want to use Ad Bridge.  And then there's Advanced Report Builder, aka Revenue Explorer.  That too is in need of a major overhaul (Marketo white labels this service from another vendor).  But if we take this out of our contract, our Marketo account exec told us that we would then not be able to use the API to pull data out of Marketo and into our standalone data warehouse.  Is it true that these services/functionality (AdBridge and the API) require you to purchase these add-ons in order to get access to them?  Something seems fishy to me.