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Can you embed a third party form on a Wordpress landing page WITH a hidden Marketo form that will populate fields based on clicks in the third party form?

Question asked by Chris Morris Expert on Jun 19, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2018 by Chris Morris

We are looking at engaging with a specific vendor to provide, essentially, a new CRM for one of our three service lines. To utilize this vendor, we would embed their forms on our Wordpress site to create leads in this new CRM. This third party would be a cloud solution, we are not hosting the CRM on our own servers.


Is it possible to have a complimentary, hidden, Marketo form which collects the data being entered into this third party form for the purposes of adding lead detail into Marketo as the lead is created on our Wordpress site? I think I remember hearing about this as a workaround/option in a few of the different Summit sessions I attended this year, but I'm not a developer and have a very tenuous grasp on this concept. Any help is appreciated.