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Re-direct page no longer redirecting to pdf asset

Question asked by Michael Guanci on Jun 19, 2018
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Hi Everyone,


A few months ago I started running into the issue around the email sercuity bot scanners counting false clicks in marketo.  One way to combat this was following Sanford Whiteman blog post around using the redirect page as a way to find the true clicks with a web visit along with the email click.


The problem I have ran into recently is the re-direct page is no longer re-directing to the asset.  Instead, I get a blank page and no longer get the 4 dots at the top and then the pdf appears.  I noticed this issue has been happening for the past two weeks and was wondering if any other people have run into this issue as well.


I always start the URL the same with{asset url}


I can attach the code I have on the page as well if that might help indicate what might be the issue.