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Hiring - Marketo Certified Expert - Sr. Digital Marketing Manager

Question asked by Blake Mitchell on Jun 15, 2018



I am hiring a Sr. Digital Marketing Manager to join my team and take ownership and leadership of Marketo and campaigning for our organization.  We are a fast growing technology company in the security space and backed by private equity.  I have recently joined the organization (5 months ago) and I am rebranding 2 merging organizations (Canadian and USA based) and building a led generation machine.  The new branding has been set, we are plumbing through the new website and it looks amazing!  We are the leader in North America in our space and still have plenty of runway for growth and opportunity within the organization.  If you are Marketo Certified (current), have other digital marketing skills/experience (PPC, adwords, etc) and want to work in an environment were you will be empowered to make decisions and lead then this is the job for you.  I am a great boss to work for as I am not a micro manager and I am very flexible, however it will take the right individual who is a self starter that has aspirations to take their career to the next level to be a good fit.  At the end of the day, if you are a rock star and get work done you will love join this team and will have a lot of flexibility!  If you are interested, please contact me ASAP -


This job has not formally been posted yet, but will be soon.  So get ahead of the crowd now.