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    Use Calendar for Preparation?

    Suzanne Young

      I'm new to Marketo and have some questions about the calendar. Would it be a good tool to use for listing/tracking tasks I need to complete prior to an event or email campaign? Almost like a  E.g.- May 19- check give-away inventory; May 30- design social media images, etc. Right now I keep everything in an Excel spreadsheet that the team refers to to track all of the things we need to do before we have an event or campaign, but i'd like to do the tracking and monitor actual campaign all in one place. Open to any thoughts/suggestions.

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          Josh Hill

          You can technically do this, however, I recommend using Excel or a project tool instead.

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            Maxwell Maurier

            (TLDR: Only use for Marketing Ops Team snapshot into planned/past campaigns, not as the planning tool for the whole Marketing team)


            Hi Suzanne, the Marketing Calendar is a nice glance at Marketing initiatives executed in Marketo, but falls short for team task management. I'd suggest an separate project management tool unless your entire Marketing organization have licenses and is using the Marketing calendar. Excel and/or a shared Google Calendar are manual, but effective, ways for your Marketing team to stay on top of their various initiatives and avoid things like communication overlap.