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Custom Object - Product Table

Question asked by Gilbert Cereno on Jun 14, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2018 by Gilbert Cereno

We're new to Marketo and wanting to see how other clients are using their post purchase campaigns - pulling products dynamically in their email.


In my old world, Product Table is not connected to Leads/Customers but it's a sole (in some cases maybe multiple) table that we can link to order history table. It seems like this is not the case in Marketo. We created a Custom Object called Product Table and had to connect it to a lead, which in this case, it's either it pushed all the 10K items per each lead which is not ideal or just partially send the items that were just order. For some reason when we tested this, only 1 lead was updated and the others won't update.


Can anyone shed light on this? Or how you're personalizing your email and pulling products dynamically?