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    Hidden Landing Page

    Katy Timko

      Is there anyway to have a landing page live and only accessible with the link? I need to have some people view the page and I don't want to whole world seeing it. After approval, I would have this page live.



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          Sanford Whiteman

          An approved LP is only as public as you make it!  If you use a long, unguessable URL (like a random alphanumeric string) no one is going to just happen upon your page.


          Once you start linking to and indexing your page, that's another matter -- you're inviting people to discover the page.


          You can also generate an expiring Draft Preview URL:



          Note, if you're extra paranoid: the preview is still technically public until it expires. It's merely unlisted with a hard-to-guess URL, not password protected. So, in the unfortunate event that someone pastes that link somewhere public, anyone who has the link can see it.  Of course one doesn't expect such a worst-case scenario, but I want to be clear that this isn't a private URL per se.

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            Jay Jiang

            Aside from making an un-guessable url, you can use dynamic content to better protect the landing page.

            Create a segment for the specific email address/es you wish to allow access

            Find a section you can add html and make it dynamic using the segment you created

            Choose the default segment and add this script:

            window.location = "http://google.com" // or your homepage you wish to redirect users to

            Make sure the above is deleted in the "allowed" segment