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    Sending Batch Email and Associate Actions/Triggers

    Ashish Nathani

      I have a simple requirement. We are participating in an "Event", the event organizers have sent us a list of people who have registered for the event.


      I want to send an email to the entire list and perform two actions: ( My Goals )


      1) In case someone opens the email, I want them to be added to list "X".

      2) In case someone clicks on the register now button, I want them to added to list "Y".


      My implementation approach is as follows:

      1)  Created a program of type "Event" and channel is "Tradeshow"

      2)  Created a list of people whom i want to send the email, by importing data from CSV.

      3)  Created the email content.

      4)  Created a smart campaign.

      5)  In Smart Campaign under the Smart List I created a filter as "Member of List" and  selected the list name I created in step 2 above.

      6)  This is where the confusion starts, from this point onwards I'm not sure how do I add Trigger or Flow such that I achieve my two goals as mentioned above.


      Suggestions/help would be useful.