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    Best way to organize an ongoing email/landing page lead gen program with no specific offer

    Mike P

      We're new to Marketo and trying to figure out the optimal way to set up a program/programs to account for a fairly regular marketing activity that isn't exactly addressed in any of the Marketo standard templates or recommendations.


      I want this to be our best practice template moving forward so that we can get the most out of tracking, ease of duplication, etc.


      The basic process would be:


      1. We receive a CSV of leads from one of our partners
      2. We upload them into Marketo
      3. We send an email to them shortly thereafter (triggered immediately or a wait step to send at a specific time that day)
      4. The email sent has a CTA that directs to a landing page with form that essentially just asks them to connect with our company (general language- no real offer)
      5. On form submit, we either webhook the lead over to our CRM (custom) or send an email to a group email distro of sales reps so that the can be contacted


      We would do this every day, and the list upload would be manual as this is a test and we want to make sure the leads are decent before setting up anything more automated via the API.


      It's a very simple process, but I've heard differing ways of how to set this up in order to get the best reporting and operational ease (one program vs. multiple programs with "listening" programs). In some ways it's closer to a transactional email than a true marketing effort, given that there's no specific offer and it's essentially an email that sends people to a contact us page.


      What would be the best way to organize this into a program/channel? (e.g. Should we break the email and form/landing page into separate programs or do they all sit in one? For every email, should we create a new program, or would it be better to set up one default program with a trigger campaign based on people being added to a static list, then we simply rinse and repeat that list every day?)


      I may be overthinking this, but want to make sure we're setting ourselves up for success. Appreciate any help!

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          Grégoire Michel

          Hi Mike,


          hard to make a whole program design in the community, this is not the proper communication channel for this.


          I would use only 1 program, because you will surely not want to set up a new program every day. Use smart campaign qualification rules and static lists to control how often a same person can be uploaded in the system and sent the email.


          Set the import static list in the program itself, not in the database and start from importing in this Static list.


          You might need a dedicated channel if you need some specific reporting breakdown.



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              Mike P

              Thanks, Greg. This is helpful. I wasn't looking for an entire program design, just high-level if this should be organized into separate programs or a single one that we would re-use. What you mentioned makes sense and what I was leaning toward as an approach.


              The channel is what is throwing me, and I'm still not sure what "channel" this would be, given that it's basically just an email send and a web form. Given that Marketo says the channel is "the delivery mechanism, like Webinar or Sponsorship or Online Ad", it would seem duplicative to create a channel just for this given that it is just a combination of the two. That's why I was wondering if it should be broken out into two programs and you could count success for both the email and web form separately.

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                  Josh Hill

                  It depends on what you want to track and give attribution to.


                  • Channel for Marketo's purposes is a flexible concept. You could use a Channel named "Partner Leads" with Statuses that match your process above:
                    • On List
                    • Accepted
                    • Rejected
                  • Whitepaper Download System:
                    • you can email or push the leads to the page/form here:
                      • Emailed
                      • Visited
                      • Filled Out Form=Success
                  • Email Send Program
                    • send the email from here for the CTA to the Whitepaper Program


                  Some of this depends if it is entirely self contained or if you push other types of leads to the Form.


                  lots of options. I wrote about this on my site a few times, but each company is diff. marketingrockstarguides.com

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