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Activity log report due to no acquisition program?

Question asked by Calvin Pineda on Jun 13, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2018 by Calvin Pineda

Hey everyone,


We have many individuals with no acquisition program so I've been given task of searching their activity log. The goal is to pinpoint some activity that may be associated with a specific campaign. However, there's over 800 pages in our database of individuals with no acquisition program, and each individual may have over 20 pages of activity.


Is there way to export everyone's activity so it''ll be somewhat achievable finding a common denominator that can be used to assign them an acquisition program. Ideally, if I was to find a pattern in the activity log, I can set up a campaign like "if acquisition program is empty, give them this value". I understand that's large amount of data, but I can't think of another option. If anyone has other alternatives, it would be very helpful.


Best Regards, Calvin