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Delete Lead Activity via Bulk or REST API - how to get all of them?

Question asked by Kurt Koller on Jun 12, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2018 by Kurt Koller

We are trying to keep Leads in our external database in sync with leads in the Marketo database. Nonwithstanding the inablility just get all leads in once call, instead having to go through in monthly gets using a filter like created or updated, once we have all the leads in our own database we figure we could get updates and keep them in sync.


Leads are removed in a variety of ways.


Activities have two main activities that we see (we are testing on instance with a single partition) when they are removed:


37, Delete Lead

32, Merge Leads


We have been using Bulk Export API to get all activities for Leads. In this data we get activity data for both of these activities. The question is, are all leads which are Deleted included in these activities? I know you can only get them for a limited about of time, but will every deleted lead also return a Delete Lead activity or a Merge Leads activity?


I ask because we are trying to keep leads in sync, and using these types and we are off by a large percentage in some instances, where the leads just have a smattering of activities and then are gone, with no 37 or 32 or anything else indicating that they've been deleted, but indeed they are deleted, so we never see that the lead is removed and our database is completely wrong very quickly..


I'd love to know all of the possible types of activities that could signal a Lead has been removed, if there are more than these two. If not, are there cases where the 37/32 wouldn't be pulled down via Bulk API? Or should every lead that has been deleted/merged show in this data?


Alternatively we would have to check the lead API endpoint in batches etc on a constantly rotating basis to figure out if leads are still existing, which is both wasteful and uses many API calls and takes days.