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Is there an option to copy values from datetime field to date field

Question asked by Arvind Rangaraj on Jun 13, 2018
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Q1: Can I sync a date-time type field in Marketo with date field in Salesforce? I want to know if there will be any impact on the data as we have a two way sync for Markeo and Salesforce.


Q2: We are using two fields to capture dates and the field types are "Date-time". We have a new requirement where we need to change the field type to "Date".


"Applied_Lead date"(type = date-time) is a field which captures date values using the token {lead.lead date}}(type = date-time). The field Applied lead date stores data for leads who apply through our website. In all the Website forms we have the field "lead date" which updates when form submission is done and that value is copied to Applied Lead date using the Change Data value step and the token I mentioned above.


For certain fresh leads, we do a list import and for those leads the applied lead date field will be blank(as they have not applied through our website) but the "lead date" field will contain the value when the list import is done.


I tried to import field values of type "Date-Time" to a "Date" type field in Marketo, it shows "Choice had one or more invalid tokens, skipping 15 leads". Does Marketo allow importing values from an old datetime field to a new SFDC custom date field.


Solutions to the above questions will be helpful.



Arvind. R