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    How do you evaluate your Lead Scores?

      I've always struggled with the best way to evaluate whether the Lead Score program I set up in Marketo is optimized.

      How do you guys measure "success" of your Lead Scoring formula?

      When I think about lead scoring, I think about how lead scoring is supposed to help identify the leads with the most probability of conversion to the next step, like from MQL to SQL, and ultimately increase the probability of closing the business.

      But how do I capture the impact of lead scoring to MQL conversions? Lead Scores are always changing, and every time I run a report the scores change - especailly if you have programs that reset or decay lead scores.

      How do you identify where the score is not doing a good job, ie false positives or missing golden nuggets?

      I'm looking for an ongoing (weekly, monthly, etc) methodology to implement to continuisly track the performance of lead scoring, and make necessary adjustments along the way.

      Any thoughts/comments would be appreciated!!
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          Josh Hill

          What I did with one client is to establish a series of fields called "Score at MQL", "Score at SQL" so that we knew what that score was when the conversion happened.

          Don't know the results yet.

          Other options include
          •           checking scores against Read/Unread by Owner
          •           speed of stages by score
          •           running scores by behavior against MQL or Opp or Won - so check the behaviors that occurred before your desired point and see if you are weighting them properly. If all Opps happen right after an INbound call, then your scoring needs to reflect that.
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            Thanks Josh!

            I love the idea of capturing "Score at" fields. I do that with dates like "MQL Date," "SQL Date," and so on, so adding scores to the mix of data being captured at the point of time totally makes sense. I can even imagine having a "Score at Disqualified" field to catch those high scores that produced false positives.

            Other suggestions are also good to think about.

            How would you do the last one you suggested?

            Is there a way to run a report that says something like "show me all of the acitivities" for a given smart list? For example, if I have a smart list of closed won opps, or recently created opps, I want to see the full list of activites that all those leads had in the last week - so I can see if I'm missing any of them in my formula.
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              Josh Hill
              That last one might be hard to report on without RCE.

              You could try something like

              Has Opp=Closed Won

              and any of the following behaviors: Form, Visit, etc....

              but there isn't going to be a nice Report that says Show me the list of behaviors for leads with Closed Won Opps. It's really the other way around: show me a list of Leads with Closed Won Opps AND who had the following behaviors. Clearly a big weakness in the reporting tools.

              Perhaps SFDC can help if the behaviors and SFDC Campaigns are related in some way.