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Marketo String field character limit

Question asked by a7e42b505692f68449caf148e8eb536664634c5b on Jun 12, 2018
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I have a question regarding the String field 255 character field limitation...


It seems that when a String field gets updated from a CRM synch (in this case Salesforce), Marketo ignores the 255 character limitation. I ran some tests with a Salseforce Multi-select field mapped to a Marketo String field, and the Marketo field captured the full 860 character value (example below).


If I write to the same String field from an integrated web form, the character limit applies, and the value gets truncated at 255 characters.


Does anyone know if this is a matter of data priority - so any updates from a CRM synch to Marketo field would override the character limitation rule?