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UTM parameters not populating into utm fields

Question asked by Laura Mighdoll on Jun 11, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2018 by Eliza Croen

We're having a consistent issue where a record will enter our database from a URL that has UTM parameters within the link. However, those UTM parameters do not populate from the referrer into the UTM fields (utm_medium, utm_ source, etc.). I've scanned the community and have not seen anyone discuss the same issue (< if you have, please point me in that direction).


For example, a lead would enter our database from this referrer:…


but the fields are empty:

Screen Shot 2018-06-11 at 10.14.06 AM.png


This happens for multiple sources, both within Marketo hosted pages as well as external ads: paid search, paid social, our unsubscribe landing page, webinar landing pages, etc.


An outside resource brought the idea that the lead could have deleted the part of the URL that has UTM parameters within it in an attempt to untrack themselves, however this is not the case as the original referrer and the referrer url have the full link with utm parameters in it.


To try to fix this originally, we added code on our forms a while back that could capture UTM parameters for about a day in case something was dropping them on the backend. This would ensure the utm parameters would persist from page to page as a record flipped throughout various web pages. To do so we added cookied fields ft_utm_medium, ft_utm_source, etc. that would hold the value then populate the real utm fields.


In addition to this fix, I have a workflow running within our Global Lead Source program that looks for records that have utm parameters within the original referrer and reads the UTMs to correctly attribute the record. But this catch does not populate the utm fields.


We're eager to find the source of this issue and a fix. Has anyone seen this before? Does anyone think a reasonable fix is to create a smart campaign that finds anyone with utm parameters in the original referrer and has a flow step that populates the utm fields?


Thanks for the help!