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can an email link to landing page name, instead of http?

Question asked by Charles Sanderson on Jun 8, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2018 by Grégoire Michel

Not sure if this is something I might be overlooking or maybe an idea to suggest.


When setting up an email, and adding a link, I don't see any option to specify a Marketo landing page by name, rather than having to enter a specific URL or token. My issue is that we build everything out, then somebody says "Let's change the Landing page URL to xyz." That introduces human error, i.e., forgetting to change the link in the email or in the token.


Is there a way to reference a specific landing page when adding a link, similar to how we can when choosing where a user goes on form completion? Or, as a work around, maybe there's a way to do this within a token? refer to a landing page name, so that if it's URL changes, everything else is still connected?


EDIT: A clarification - I know that I could just keep the original url as a redirect when I create the new one for a landing page, but that's not really a clean process, in my opinion. I don't want several links out there.