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    June ATLMUG Slides Posted

    Jenny Robertson

      Hi everyone!  Slides from today's ATLMUG Meeting have been posted and can be found here.  Thanks to all that attended, thanks to Synthio for sponsoring, and thanks to Tracey Bartz, Jamie Walker, and Chaim Frenkel for speaking today!

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          Dave Markert

          Thanks Jenny and to all of you who attended as well!   Did you all get your very cool (and large) MKTO/Synthio  "MUGs" (LOL) !


          Hope the food was good and the conversation was even better!   Sorry for the Standing Room Only -- if we do it again (and we'd be happy to)  we can get a larger room for everyone-- if desired we could "Go deeper" into the specifics of our amazing Integration with MKTO and how you could have "clean data" with hands off (without getting your hands dirty!)


          Also thanks to everyone for all the interest and enthusiasm for the No Risk, No Cost, No Obligation FREE DATA HEALTH analysis we are offering due to the MKTO partnership.    We just finished a 10MM record DHA for a customer so we can handle yours!  (we may need a few more servers to get the 30M one done, but we'll do it! ).  


          If you did request it and have not heard from someone LMK -- you can call me on 470-809-7823, or email on dave.markert@synthiocorp.com.


          Here's a pic showing some details on the results you will see when we do this for you-- we will analyze your ENTIRE MKTO (or SFDC, or whatever) database! Sample DHA-GDPR.JPG


          Thanks to all of you for sharing your best practices -- hopefully all of us learned a little bit to take back to our organizations so we can all do better.


          All the best,


          Dave Markert

          Director, Enterprise Partnerships