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How Are You Sending Product Usage Data to Marketo?

Question asked by Jessica Biblis on Jun 7, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2018 by Jessica Biblis

Hello, Community!


I'd love to hear how you all are sending product usage data from your apps to Marketo to use for campaign targeting.


We're tracking product usage data with From Segment, the data goes into our warehouse, from the warehouse to some other tools, and then eventually gets dumped into to a custom object in Salesforce that then syncs to Marketo.


Because only 10K objects sync per cycle, our biggest challenge has been dealing with some pretty significant sync backlogs. Just last week, there were nearly 355K items backlogged, and we've only gotten it down to 195K.


We've considered going directly from Segment to Marketo, but are concerned that we'll blow through our API calls.


I'd be grateful to anyone who'd be willing to share how you've handled sending large amounts of product usage data to Marketo.