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Thank you page automatically diverts back Entry form page 1 (after a time limit is reached)

Question asked by Adele Grono on Jun 6, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2018 by Jay Jiang

Hi there


I am doing a form, it will be on an iPad it is a competition, the iPad will be used at a trade show (note the Tradeshow has a good Wifi connection).

The competition is to encourage attendees / people who visit the booth to fill out the form.


The aim is to capture as many leads as possible at the trade show, as the client can have 10 attendees waiting at the booth, waiting to speak to a sales rep.


Once an attendee has filled in the Entry page (Page 1) I would like the attendee to see the Thank you page (Page 2) for 3 or 5 seconds, then the page automatically returns to the Entry page (Page 1), this will allow  the next attendee to fill in their details.


Sorry I don't want the Sales Reps at the stand to be constantly pressing a "return to entry page" button while they are talking to attendees / potential sales opportunities at the trade show booth. I have attached an example below.


code for returing to page v2.jpg

Sorry what CSS or Javascript code I have to add to the form?


FYI - the form and landing page are hosted in Marketo.


Thanks so much


Sorry any advice  Sanford Whiteman   thank you.