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Whole email test in engagement camping & Adding a certain percentage into engagement campaign

Question asked by Veronica Flores on Jun 6, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2018 by Denise Greenberg



I'm creating an engagement campaign for a series of 5 emails. We want to test whole emails (different versions, more graphics vs more text) as email #1. All of the email recipients are in a Salesforce Campaign as of right now.


We want to send the first whole email to around 10% of the whole Salesforce Campaign (the campaign is 1,500 leads) which the first email we want to send it to around 150 leads, 75 the champion and another 75 the challenger emails.


I created the whole email test and add it into the nurture campaign on stream #1 - the rest of the emails will be sent out based if the test came back as the winner was the champion or the challenger. Which when we gather the data, I will add the rest of the emails (email #2, email #3, email #4 and email #5).


My question here would be how to add these 10% only into the engagement campaign. If so, can I also divide the rest of the recipients into multiple batches to add them into the engagement campaign?