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Implementing Partitions and Workspaces - Functionality Help

Question asked by Steven Musche on Jun 4, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2019 by Alex Coussy


I'm in the process of setting up Workspaces and Partitions for our instance and I have some questions that I can't seem to find any documentation on. We have two brands (so I'm setting up two partitions and/or two workspaces) that don't share leads, so we can have duplicate leads across brands, however, we will not be duplicating contacts or accounts - which I understand will lead to difficulties, but short of revamping the SFDC setup, I imagine I'll have to solve for this on my end.

  1. If a person that exists as a Contact in one partition fills out a form that's associated with the other partition, as I understand it, nothing will happen. How would I make sure a new lead is created? Or potentially better yet (though more unlikely) associate with the existing Contact in the other partition. Is there a way to make the forms global across both Partitions? Based on what I could find it seemed like the answer was no.
  2. If instead of using multiple Partitions I use one main Partition with two Workspaces, is the above problem more solvable? It seems like I should be able to solve for the Contact that fills out a form (since all forms would be shared by the same Partition) but would I be able to duplicate Leads depending on the form they fill out? Meaning, if a person fills out a form for Brand A I want that person to exist, wholly separate from the lead that filled out a form for Brand B (I'd also like two separate Munchkin cookies associated with the two domains).
  3. From what I've read, it seems like I shouldn't use the Assignment rules (assuming I go with two Partitions)  and should instead use workflows in a default partition to move people to one or the other. How would this work with my described setup where I want duplicate Leads but not Contacts? I could filter off of the SFDC Type field to see if it's a lead or contact before pushing to another partition, but unclear how it would actually flow and if I could use multiple munchkin tracking codes for each domain.

Maybe those questions aren't even the right ones, but any help in guiding me during this setup would be greatly appreciated!