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POST Form Data using REST API

Question asked by 5190ab6523acbe6f65d9a89eed39400ce43a37bc on Jun 1, 2018
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My company has recently started integration work on Marketo. We were earlier using Pardot-Salesforce to capture formdata , now the same needs to replaced with Marketo using their REST API.




Going through the documentation I dont see any REST API which shows that I can POST data to a form( I have successfully created a form and able to submit data by embedding it in a form) and also linking the form data to the Form Landing Page . The Lead or Form is actually shown as a Member only if I use the Form landing page to post data to it. Though the data is shown under the Marketing studio , if I like search based on email Id



1- How should I replace my existing codebase to use the Marketo Forms , with minimal coding effort.

2- Which endpoint should I use to POST the form data to Marketo. I am sorry I have gone through the documentation twice and implemented a few code examples , But I am not sure which endpoint I should use. I can see that the embed form POSTS data to ?

If nothing works , I am going to use this endpoint , though this is not documented in REST documentation.

2- Is it possible to Link the Form's Data (emailId? ) to the actual form ?


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