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First Conversion Tracking

Question asked by Christina Wu on May 31, 2018
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I recently took over the administration of our Marketo Account and have a few questions regarding conversion tracking. While I used Marketo extensively throughout my career, my expertise lies with Hubspot's automation system, which provided the following read-only fields:

  • First Conversion Date: Hubspot defined this as the date a lead first filled out a form
  • First Conversion Event: Using a list of pre-defined "event" values defined by an administrator (i.e. webinar registration, content download, demo request, etc), Hubspot will record the type of event corresponding to a lead's first conversion
  • First Conversion Campaign: This refers to the first campaign (equivalent to a Marketo program) in which a lead converted. Though Marketo has an "Acquisition Program", this field has been largely misused by past users.

*Please note: Hubspot defines "conversion" as any form fill other than unsubscribe. However, I personally would like to customize what a "conversion" means in my flows


For all future incoming leads, I know how I can record all of this information (i.e. if user fills out form, AND # of form fills = 1, update "First Conversion Date" to {{}}), but I am having trouble figuring out how how to do this for EXISTING LEADS. Specifically, I am looking to:

  • Record "First Conversion Date" for all existing leads in our database
  • Input "First Conversion Event" values to all existing leads based on a set of pre-defined values
  • Delete all existing inputs for "Acquisition Program" and update with the actual name of the first program "Success" (if program is deleted, it can just say "Deleted Program")


Appreciate any help that you guys can offer. (I'm hoping you guys will turn me into a Marketo genius)

Thank you


Update: I realized "# of Form Fills" was another Hubspot thing and not a Marketo field... I now also need to figure out a way to trigger this for all incoming leads as well.


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