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    Best Practices for an Unsubscribe Page?

      I'm looking at taking our UX for email up a notch with a Preference Center/Email Management page, but also would like to focus on decreasing unsubscribe rates through a better Unsubscribe page. I've been looking online for some best practices, and have found a few designs that are interesting, as seen below. What unsubscribe changes have worked for your mailing list and/or what unsubscribe pages have you run across that made you reconsider unsubscribing?




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          Josh Hill
          Those are all good choices. The key is to offer choice by Type of Communication and Channel of Communication.

          You could also make an Offer on the page to avoid an unsubscribe. Or maybe an offer on the confirmation page.
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            Hi Courtney -

            We (as a company) are relatively new to Marketo, however, personally I am a veteran in many M.A. tools, and one of the priorities I had coming into this position was to establish standards, and one was the unsubscribe/opt-out.  We are in the midst of redesigning our company website, so until that is set, I just took a minimalist approach to the layout and did everything in Marketo.  We have an Unsubscribe and preference center that tie together.

            Unsubscribe - http://pages.storagecraft.com/unsubscribe.html (if you click the check box, we ask a few lighthearted questions)
            Unsubscribe Confirm  - http://pages.storagecraft.com/unsubscribe_confirm.html
            Preference Center - http://pages.storagecraft.com/preferences.html

            Feel free to reach out with any questions.  Hope this helps.
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              We took a pretty simple approach as well. Here is an example of our unsubscribe page. 


              We allow people to update their preferences and choose a category they want to recieve or unsubscribe from everything.