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    Champion/Challenger with Dynamic Content

    Amber Hobson

      I've been trying to find this all over and can't figure it out. Can I use Champion/Challenger testing if my email has dynamic content? We routinely do a single email but then use dynamic content to slightly modify the copy based on the country the lead is located in. I want to test using champion/challenger for various items (right now it's CTA button vs CTA text link) but I wasn't sure if it would work with my dynamic content. Any help is appreciated!

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          Veronica Holmes


          Pretty short answer really!

          The longer answer is - technically yes, that's no problem, but I'd be careful about using dynamic content for the element you are A/B testing. Not for any technical reason, it's just that if you are A/B testing you want to test one variable. Using A/B testing alongside dyanmic content (which usually means targeting and personalisation) is really testing two elements. Maybe they clicked the button because the content was targeted rather than the CTA was a button or a link? Could give yourself false positives for testing...


          Just be careful around your scenarios.