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    CASL consent

    S D

      Hi everyone,


      We have Canadian contacts in our database. I want to make sure that we are complying with CASL. Have following questions-


      1. I understand that we have two types of consent - express and implied. Anyone coming from website, we are asking leads to check a " CHECKBOX" to receive their consent. Is this EXPRESS consent which is valid for lifetime until the lead unsubscribe?

      2. We have few Customer contacts. Being customer, do customer contacts fall into IMPLIED consent? If yes, is there any validity for this type of consent?

      3. As we already have good amount of Canadian contacts in our database, what can we do to get the express content or implied consent? I think , the only way to obtain express consent via e-mail is if we have IMPlied consent to send the message.


      What else can we do to get the consent from the canada contacts?  Does any sort of engagement within 90 days/180 days by the contacts, qualify for IMPLIED consent?

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          Josh Hill

          You should speak with appropriate legal counsel.


          That being said, there are some docs here and online describing each scenario in more detail. Your understanding of implied and customer implied isn't accurate so please do additional research. Marketo had a good set of slides from a lawyer that can help.