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We have over 200 locations, how do I dynamically send leads to each one?

Question asked by Adam Wingate on Jun 3, 2018
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I am working on setting up a workflow for our website leads to be sent dynamically to one of our over 200 hundred branch locations after a Marketo form fill. I was initially going to use segmentation to manage this, but have now realized that segmentation only supports up to 100 options. Is there a good work around for this? My other thought is to setup smart campaigns for each of the locations to send the leads to the correct location, however I am worried that this will become really difficult to maintain as the person's email address at each location can change and I would have to find the right campaign and make the changes in the flow step. Could I manage all of this through tokens somehow?


If anyone else has run in to this issue and has a good solution I would greatly appreciate it!