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Custom Objects: Can a String Field have multiple answers displayed a picklist?

Question asked by 7020055df87595187ad4ea2314637f1c4e47476d on May 30, 2018
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I created a custom object that has custom fields created on the object. The object and corresponding fields will be populated daily with an uploaded CSV file in the lead database.One field ion the object is a string field: Interactive Action -- Person A on Day 1 can "request info" or "Login" or "Survey Question" noted in that field on different rows within the CSV - Then Person A can come back in on Day 2 with a different action. My question is specifically around the string field capabilities - as noted I'll populate the field via the list upload, but if the value is different each time (or there is more than one each time) and is uploaded into that field, does Marketo append the new value to the current one on the record or does it override it? Outline below.


If it does not store like example A below, how would this best be accomplished in marketo? A new Marketo only field attached to a custom object with multiple answer types stored?


Looking at the screen shot below

Will Interactive Action hold all values associated with the records actions taken e.g

A.) Example

Request Info

Survey Question

Request Info

B.) Example

Login (is replaced with Request Info | Request Info (is replaced with Survey Question) etc.