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    shipment tracking

    Samantha Cossum

      Hey everyone,

      My current company has their own fulfillment center but we use FedEx to ship products out. I trying to figure out the best way to integrate shipping info into Marketo. More specifically, trying to figure out if we can token shipment tracking so that based on their tracking number, the email will populate things like estimated delivery. I tried looking around online but I didn't find much about it other than that FedEx offers web services but their page wasn't very descriptive on what it would actually do.

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          Grégoire Michel

          Hi Samantha,


          that will be a tricky thing, all the more so as a same customer might have multiple shipments running in parallel. You can use Marketo custom objects and/or text area fields with JSON data in there but you will not avoid some custom development to add and update the data in Marketo and neither will you avoid using some velocity tokens to generate the email content.


          All in all, Marketo is not a very good platform to run transaction based emailing that needs to be triggered based on the changes to an object that is not the person herself (in your case, the shipment, but the same applies to a shopping cart, a training registration, etc...) simply because it's difficult to create a solid link between the object firing the trigger and the email content.