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    Arabic text in Subject Line

    Peter Porr

      Hey community,


      I have a question. We would like to send e-mails in Arabic. Arabic is a right to left language. On the body of the e-mail, we are able to put a <div="rtl"> tag, but on the subject line we cannot edit as HTML.

      I tried creating a token, but when I tested that e-mail to myself I received the subject line with the whole HTML code showing, including the regular t3ext and the tags.



      I was wondering how you guys send e-mails in Arabic.


      Thank you for the help!

        • Re: Arabic text in Subject Line
          Sanford Whiteman

          Subject lines aren't HTML, they're plain ASCII (with possible Q-encoded characters). So it's not surprising that you're seeing the raw HTML code.


          AFAIK the alignment is up to (a) the end user's mail client settings, combined with (b) the mail client's heuristic decision based on the frequency of RTL vs. LTR characters in the text, i.e. if you intermix Arabic and English you will have more problems than if every character is in the same Unicode block.


          In other words, the display alignment of a subject line is not under your control as an email author.