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    SFDC/Marketo Sync with GDPR

    Jessica Leung



      For those with SFDC and Marketo integrated, hoping you can shed some light here in light of GDPR.


      At the moment, any lead/contact created in SFDC is sync'd to Marketo, and only SFDC existing leads/contacts are sync'd back from Marketo, or if it's a manual push. I'm looking to re-evaluate this set up and was wondering for those who have made changes to their setup, are the changes mainly on Marketo's end, or SFDC? Or equal? Just wondering if I should engage with a Marketo Consultant vs. SFDC consultant.


      Thank you!

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          Josh Hill

          What exactly is the use case? Are you concerned with some data in either system not syncing?

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              Jessica Leung

              Hi Josh, for an example, we may delete user data from Marketo upon request, but if they are associated with an opportunity in SFDC, we would want to keep their contact details available there. As well, for leads/contacts manually input by the sales users in SFDC, I'd only want those that have a communication opt-in checkbox = TRUE sync'd to SFDC.  I'm wondering if it's best to consult someone Marketo-specific in this case?

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                  Veronica Holmes

                  Josh was right to ask for the use case, because in the two use cases you've put above I'd manage one in Marketo and the other in SFDC. The first I'd manage using smart campaigns that does or doesn't delete the lead in SFDC based on whether there was an existing open Oppty (you could do this with two smart campaigns).

                  The second I'd manage in SFDC using criteria-based sharing rules that only syncs a lead to Marketo if opt-in = true.