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    Email Deliverability Tool

    S D



      We purchased the functionality - Deliverability Tools. Do I need to include the seedlist - static list in every email program to get some sort of reports?


      Not sure how to best use the Deliverability package. Is there any user guide available?


      Which type of report would be helpful? The report section looks like this and what setting needs to be changed to get report. Is there a way to figure out what is our reputation for different ISPs?


      Thanks! Any sort of help is greatly appreciated.


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          Darrell Alfonso

          Hey SD,


          You should send to the seed list beforehand, and it will automatically generate a report to show what percentage have made it into the inbox.


          If you are satisfied with the result, it generally means it is safe to send.


          The how-to guide should be at the top right hand corner of your account, but it is not very straight-forward so understandable there is some confusion here.

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