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    Email Deliverability Tool

    S D



      We purchased the functionality - Deliverability Tools. Do I need to include the seedlist - static list in every email program to get some sort of reports?


      Not sure how to best use the Deliverability package. Is there any user guide available?


      Which type of report would be helpful? The report section looks like this and what setting needs to be changed to get report. Is there a way to figure out what is our reputation for different ISPs?


      Thanks! Any sort of help is greatly appreciated.


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          Darrell Alfonso

          Hey SD,


          You should send to the seed list beforehand, and it will automatically generate a report to show what percentage have made it into the inbox.


          If you are satisfied with the result, it generally means it is safe to send.


          The how-to guide should be at the top right hand corner of your account, but it is not very straight-forward so understandable there is some confusion here.

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              Michelle Dadson

              Hi Darrell,


              In the Delivery Tools product it says for Inbox to:

              Please load the following email addresses into your mailing software.

              In order for us to provide accurate results, you must send to all of of these addresses each time you want us to track a campaign.


              Based on that statement wouldn't you add the seed list to your smart list or list upload? I also received an email from Carmi, Marketo Deliverability, that said "to send to the seedlist with each deployment to the live audience".  


              For Design it says that you have 3 options - There are multiple ways to create a test. You can either email us your test, select an existing Inbox campaign, or copy and paste your email content. Please note that emailing your test is most accurate. If you select to email them your test, there is another message (Note: this is a one time use list. Please get a new email list for each test).


              So based on the information above it sounds like we need to include the seed list with each campaign for Inbox Monitoring and for Design (Rendering) it's done before the send.


              Can anyone else weigh in here?

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                  Darrell Alfonso

                  Hey Michelle,


                  Design and "campaigns" are different, so best not to confuse the two. Design is to see how your email renders on different email clients, and campaigns show you what percentage makes it into the inbox. You can do one without the other.


                  Anyway, I should have mentioned, that the way to use campaigns I described above worked well for me and I recommend it, however, if your marketo deliverability consultant is giving you specific instructions, then I would just follow those. Hope that helps.

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                      Michelle Dadson

                      Thanks for the reply Darrell. I can see how sending to the seed list prior to the sending the live could help with figuring out if your email had issues prior to sending to the whole audience. Just a tad confused over here between the documentation, deliverability and information I've found on Nation. Thank you again. I appreciate your thoughts.