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    .CSV versus .TXT for account numbers

    Thaila Lagunero



      Thaila here. Brand spanking new to Marketo. I just started at a company who has been using Marketo for over a year and the person in the position before me learned and was an expert in Marketo.


      There are some emails where I need to include the account number and I have used the tokens but have had issues with the lists. We upload our lists, we do not have a data feed.


      I am given .csv lists which skews the account numbers because they are over 15 digits. When I save the list as a tab-delimited file, the account numbers are okay but Marketo does not necessarily accept them.


      I haven't been able to get into the platform set-up but is there somewhere in Marketo where I can have the platform accept all file types for uploaded lists?




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          Sanford Whiteman

          Please move the thread to Products (this isn't a support space). Move link is at the right.

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            Sanford Whiteman

            Thanks for moving the thread.


            You're going to need to explain the datatype of the fields you're importing (show us your actual Marketo field config). CSVs do not place any limit on the length of quoted string fields.


            In fact, CSVs don't place limits on the length of unquoted strings, either. When unquoted strings are interpreted as numbers, there can appear to be a limit on characters. But that's misleading. The limits is actually on the size of an Integer, not the "length" in digits of a number-like string.  For example, a 32-bit signed integer can have a max value of 2147483647 (just over 2 billion). That happens to be 13 characters long when printed as a decimal string without commas, but the underlying limit is not related to the number of printed digits.


            You may be using an app that truncates numbers-as-numbers. If so, set column type to string/text instead. Again, CSVs themselves have no such limitations. They are just text files.