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Marketo/SFDC Person Sync Delay with Conversion

Question asked by 4976b66492cb0832a2881e405881ac71c52a254b on May 24, 2018
Latest reply on May 24, 2018 by Josh Hill

Hello all,


We are running in to a situation where we have what we are calling "Blind Opportunities"  These are opps, that have never really interacted with us before and do not exist in our system, but have presented themselves as opportunities.  (Our business model has a 1-1 person to opportunity relationship, we are essential B2C). 


Current SOP is for a SFDC admin to create the lead in SFDC with all the relevant information and immediately convert them to an opportunity.  There is a delay in the sync between Marketo and SFDC. So when the person is finally synced into Marketo, none of the "Lead" information is pushed over only the Opportunity/Account fields. 


Aside from creating smart campaigns that would take the information that exists on the account/opportunity and print it to the other lead fields, is there a way to get SFDC to also sync the lead fields for a new person, after the lead has already been converted. 


Ill admit that I am not super familiar with the SFDC side of this integration, so there could also be something, business process wise that we are doing incorrectly as well.  Any help would be appreciated.