Marketo connector upgrade for Tableau is available for testing!!!

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Latest reply on Jul 11, 2019 by Drew Loika

Hi there!


We are pleased to announce the pre-release program of the next version of the Marketo connector!!


Do not miss the chance on participate in this program!!!  The new version of the connector has a lot of improvements!

  • Much more Marketo data (incluiding Programs, Channels, Lead Partitions, Emails, etc.).
  • Now you can join all the activities with the new table "Activities - All".
  • Also you can create reports as in Marketo (such as Email Performance, Web Page Activity, etc.).
  • The efficiency of the connector has been improved by using the "Join Filtering" feature from Tableau.
  • Manage your credentials in Tableau Server (as of version 2018.1).


Please, visit Tableau Pre-Release site, create a free account to access and under My Projects section click on Tableau Early Feedback. You'll find the new version of the Marketo connector under "Features to Test" section.


Thanks in advance for your time and effort in testing. We have already received a lot of great feedback and look forward to more!




Tableau Connectivity and Pre-Release Teams