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Litmus Tracking Merge Tag

Question asked by 5a297ea9cc74b894249c8e34994ce1954de89502 on May 23, 2018
Latest reply on May 23, 2018 by Sanford Whiteman

Our team sends a monthly newsletter using Marketo and we use Litmus Analytics to collect data on each newsletter campaign.

With GDPR coming into effect our team is looking to anonymize personal identifiable information inside the Litmus analytics reports.

The way we set this up is we get a tracking code from Litmus, we insert a Marketo merge tag inside the code and then create an email script token inside the program of our newsletter.

We use the merge tag ${lead.Email} and select Email Address object inside the Email Script Token. 


Now we need to use a unique identifier merge tag from Maketo instead of the email address tag. We want to use {{lead.Id}}, but we are not sure what object to select inside the email script token section in order for it work.

Or maybe there is a different merge tag we can use?  maybe ${lead.Marketo_Unique_Code}, we don't know what object to select for this one.


Hoping someone may be attempting to do the same and can provide some feedback on the issue.

Thank you.