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Text version of snippets, mangles text when "notrack" links are included

Question asked by Dan Stevens. Expert on May 23, 2018

I have a ticket opened with support on this, but interested to know if others are experiencing this issue.  We use snippets for our email footers.  This is a single snippet that uses country segmentation to dynamically localize the footer based on country value.  There are some links that we don't want to track - like mailto: links.  When creating the "Text version (for emails)" based on the HTML, the text gets all mangled.  For example:


Here's the HTML version:


The "contact data privacy" link is not tracked.  When we create the text version (based on the HTML version), this is what appears:



When we enable tracking on the link, it transfers fine:



Obviously, if we only had one version to maintain, we could work around this issue by manually adjusting the text.  But when you have 23 variations/languages, it becomes an issue.