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Populate country in form field based on country selection in same form

Question asked by Kiah Kennedy on May 22, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2018 by Kiah Kennedy

I have a form that asks users to consent to their data being processed by a variable entity based on their country. I need to setup the form so that once a lead selects their country from the dropdown, the in the next field dynamically populates the entity with the country.


So for eg. I as a lead, go to this form. I select Canada as my country from the dropdown. Once I do that, the next field in the form dynamically autopopulates this text: "I consent to (company name) Canada to use my data"


I tried to accomplish this by using the lead country token within the form but it sometimes showed the default value even when country was filled out for a lead. Sometimes it worked.


Also important to note is that this is a guided landing page, and the dynamic content is contained within the form, not on the landing page.


Any help is appreciated!!