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    Marketo Email Template Partner

    Andreia Norsa

      Hi all,

      I'm looking for an email template builder, however, I received very expensive quotes from our partners, so I'm thinking to use Knak or Hoosh. I already tested the free version and had a demo.

      Does anyone have any experience with one of those companies? Can you list the issues you face it building the templates on your own?

      We already have a template, but we would like to use a more modern and responsive template.



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          Justin Laberge

          I've used Knak templates before. They work just fine and provide a decent starting point for more advanced and interesting customization options.


          Edit: If you are trying to build just a single template to use, maybe consider hiring a designer for a few hours or someone who can build you a Marketo template easily. If your needs change over time you'd likely need to rehire them but I'd be surprised if you didn't have some internal resources to help you modify HTML email templates.

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            Josh Hill

            Knak is good.


            The real question is how many variations do you need and are you able to easily make the Knak templates conform to your brand needs? Knak can customize further for a fee. You can also hire a freelancer or agency to build templates and help maintain them.

            Grazitti and Perkuto can also do this.

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              Christina Zuniga

              I used Perkuto's Allegro template and we really like it!

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                Nick Hajdin

                Email Monks offer very affordable (and quick) customized Marketo modular 2.0 templates (and Landing Pages). Regardless of which service provider you select, make sure you provide all brand guidelines. I've found it best to design internally or hire a creative agency for design and then outsource the template coding.

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                  Nadish Nair

                  Hi Andreia,


                  Grazitti is a Marketo Consulting Partner and helping many of Marketo customers with responsive email templates and Master email templates. If you would follow me on Marketo community we will able to send direct messages to each other and I will be happy to share few samples with you.



                  Nadish Nair

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                    Shelley Madison

                    I am a fervent Knak fan!  They have the email and landing page templates, true, but they also offer an enterprise tool where you can build your own email layouts on the fly.  Excellent tool, excellent customer support.  We became a customer after meeting Pierce at the 2017 Summit.  Feel free to ask any specific questions if you have any.

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                      Dave Roberts

                      Andreia - one thing that's important with responsive and modular templates is a clear idea of your requirements. A good analogy might be car shopping - there's a ton of options from power-windows (toggles) to # of doors and color (# of sections and branding). You can expect a pretty wide range of options (and costs) and a good email developer should understand your audience and the devices they use so that you get a template that's both modern and appropriate to your audience with the feature you need to create the variations you'd actually use. Said another way, you can buy anything with 4 wheels to get around, but a good salesperson is going to get you into something that suits your lifestyle and use-cases.


                      I've seen kinda two schools of thought with this:

                      1. We need something for now, for this design and use-case. Pro: Quick, cheap and efficient. Cons: Limited flexibility, support and tailoring

                      2. We need something that's flexible and able to stand the test of time (and reuse) Pro: Long-term cost-savings,consistency, scalable Cons: Short-term cost is high, requires planning and longer timeframe


                      Generally, you can expect to pay much more for the later, but it's money you'll make back in the long-run by paying for occasional updates instead of new templates. It might be good to keep in mind that you could always hire an expert developer for a few hours to add any add'l features that didn't come with your template if you get a pre-packaged deal, but not all email frameworks are created equally so it's usually best to look for a team that both creates and supports their templates for their clients. Personally, I've heard fantastic things about Knak for its ease of use and that might prove to be a good starting point for you.


                      ...and the million dollar question to ask anyone who's developing an email template for you: Have you logged into Marketo before?

                      I thought this would go without saying, but it's important to understand that "designing an email" (graphics) is much different than coding an email, but you'll need both to make it sing! Marketo's email 2.0 is amazingly customizable and you'll get the most for your money from anyone who's familiar with that and not just "email design in general".

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                        Grégoire Michel

                        You need to make a choice between 2 approaches here:

                        • The Master Template (MT) way: in this one, you usually will have one (Master) template with a quite large number of modules in it. Without leaving Marketo, simply in adding, cloning, moving and removing modules, you can create an unlimited number of emails from one template. Most of the time, you should be able to use one template to cover all your needs, if the design has been well thought of. Typically a Master template with 25 to 30 different modules will cover all needs. You will need a good dev service, framework-based, to create your master template at a reasonable cost. You will also need to have the graphical design done an well thought of before you can call in the template developer.
                        • The Template Library (TL) way: in this one, you benefit from a library of template such as Marketo starter templates, Knak's or other similar services, usually well designed and well developed, which makes this approach a good one for a quick start and if you not have someone to think about the graphical design. In this model, you will use different templates for different needs, and even if these template are modular, the number of modules in a single template is limited and you will need multiple templates to cover all your needs. Some combinations of modules will not be possible since she modules do not co-exist in the same template. Also, use a service that is integrated to Marketo and can inject templates in Marketo and enables you to avoid the error-prone copy-paste.


                        There is no perfect choice, simply be aware that the highest number of templates is not necessarily equivalent to being the most flexible solution. Our experience is that more and more Marketo customers are moving to the Master Template approach. One of the big pros of the Master template approach is that you can clone an email and completely modify its layout, which is impossible if different layouts require different templates (you cannot change the template an existing email). In the Template library approach, you will more often be led to recreate the email from zero, which can be a little painful when the email you want to redesign is being used by smart lists, smart campaigns etc... You will have to remove all adherences before you can delete it.



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                          Gary Verster

                          We've been usng Knak for a few years now and they've just got better and better. To Josh's point earlier, we had problems with variations early one, but the templates are a lot more flexible nowadays... and Pierce and his guys are very open to feedback, too.

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                            Dave Cunningham

                            The thread Dan Stevens. linked to above is the best one on this topic, IMO.


                            We use Knak as a great starting point. It serves the need for basic/quick email building. We had Revenue Pulse (same owner as Knak) build out a master 2.0 template for us and they are great. They do nice work and are a good team to work with.

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                              Kerry Quilter

                              We use Knak enterprise and it's amazing! It's saved us so much time. Pierce and team are awesome as well! They are continuing to build out the tool and add new features. We've been using them since 2015 but started on the enterprise platform this year and fantastic.

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                                Clinton Gage

                                Lot's of good options above, I've used Knak and others listed, thought I'd throw this out as well: EmailMonks

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                                  Michelle Tiziani

                                  We use knak for some emails, but it really required a lot of tweaking.  Grazitti did a couple of our master templates which had a lot of customizations for specific uses.  The most important things that they did to our templates which have always been a challenge were the sponsor logos, banner ad placements, speaker images and more.

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                                    Frank Geldof

                                    Hi Andrea,

                                    There was a similar question in our user group in which I responded:

                                    We made a wireframe of a master template and asked an external designer to make a visual design in Sketchup (or Photoshop). We send the sketchup file together with an instruction document to https://www.emailmonks.com/ (NO AFFILIATION). With some communications to discuss some minor adjustments we received an HTML file to be used as a master template in Marketo.


                                    Costs: 1000 EURO for the Designer and 350 EURO for the HTML work.


                                    But you will need to understand to Marketo Email 2.0 to implement as you will need to cut the master into different templates.The HTML work is executed in offshore so be clear in your instructions and ask for a conference call to explain (if needed). If you use this approach it is advised to understand how Email Editor 2.0 works with modules and variables.

                                    Our original master template consists of 30+ modules which eventually cut in to multiple predefined templates.


                                    Hope this helps.

                                    KR, Frank

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