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Problem adding a field value to custom activity

Question asked by 05c8e37621520cfb99fdce600dd2e1c73b7cb6e3 on May 22, 2018
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I am confronting with a problem when trying to add a field value to a custom activity using REST API. I've created the field, I've saved the custom activity. When I try to add the activity without that field, it all works well (i.e. the custom activity is saved in marketo, and can be seen there). But if I try to add the field "productTest", the returned message is: "'Invalid attribute 'productTest''".


This is the payload (hope I'm using the right term):


     "input": [
               "leadId": 32763,
               "activityTypeId": 100001,
               "primaryAttributeValue": "description of what is going on",
               "activityDate": "2018-05-22T08:37:36+00:00",
               "attributes": [
                         "name": "productTest",
                         "value": "test a new field"

This is how the fields look like inside the marketo admin:


And this is how the custom activity looks like:



What am I doing wrong?

Thank you.